The Sacred Catholic Church Season of Holy Advent: A Simple Definition, Information, and Customs

Many Catholic and other folks that I know ponder what the season of Advent is truly about. They have heard the name, have heard of a few of the customs, but become puzzled. Is it Christmas? Is it just like Christmas or isn’t it? What are its colors? What does the title “Advent” even mean? What then is the Advent wreath? Many Christians find themselves wondering about Advent Season, and want a response.

These are excellent questions that Christians should apprehend. A comprehension of the liturgical year is an important aspect of Christian teaching, although a lot of Christians do not avail themselves of this amazing spiritual tool to enhance their life of prayer. What is one tool? It is: the Advent wreath.

Advent comes from the Latin word meaning “coming” and is used in relation to the coming of Jesus Christ. The official color of Advent season is purple (except week three, which is pink), and it falls 4 Sundays before Christmas and lasts about four weeks. It can start in either December or the end of November.

In ancient times, and in Orthodox and Catholic churches today, Christmas starts on Christmas day, and is a season that lasts until mid-January. This means that traditionally, Christmas doesn’t even start until the 25th of December. Most celebrations of Christmas today commence in November (or even October!) and end on Christmas day. The traditional celebration does not even commence until Christmas day. This is likely why many modern people do not understand Advent, because for most all people, Christmas begins when advent is going on.

The reality is that Advent season is a distinct Christian season than Christmas, and the themes are altogether separate. Please read below for more facts on this eminent season of the Church year.

Advent is a period of expectation, the expectation of the christ. Advent celebrates the many years of waiting for the coming Messiah. This makes sense, as the season leads up to Christmas, the birth of the christ (at least as Christians apprehend the term “messiah”). Thus, during the around 4 weeks of Advent, Christians wait for the nativity of God’s Son, along with the innumerable prophets, priests, and common individuals that waited for hundreds of decades before Christ.

Advent is also about waiting for the next arrival of the christ. This is also an important theme of the season. This is why Scripture readings at Advent also relate to the second arrival of Jesus. In essence, we wait in symbol with those that lived before Jesus, as we wait in reality for his second coming. Thus, Advent season is about waiting.

Advent is similar to Lent, in that it is a season of simplicity, a scaled back season in the Church year. While not a true fast in the official Catholic sense, it is a bare season, a less celebratory and more serious time period prior to the joyous season of Christmas. Thus, traditionally Advent has been a period of penitence and fasting. The “Gloria” section of the Mass is not used during The season of advent, and there is an emphasis on repentance, which is also demonstrated by the prominence of John the Baptist in the Advent season. St. John is a symbol of Advent because not only was he the final prophet before the arrival of Jesus, he also called everyone to repentance in preparation for the message of the messiah.

Overall, the point here is that Advent is not Christmas. Advent then clearly is not Christmas. The two are separate. One is simple, the other cheery. The former penitential, the latter joyful. Even though many individuals start celebrating Christmas around October these days, in the Orthodox and Catholic traditions, Advent is an expectant, simple, season that leads up to Christmas, with its own customs and traditions, including the advent wreath, a common devotional consisting of a greenery wreath and four or five candles. For more information on the season and the Advent wreath, please see below.

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Good Friday and Holy Thursday – A Few Very Important Catholic Christian Feasts

Many Christians are familiar with Christmas and Easter, but there are a lot of other notable holy days also. While I cannot consider all of them here, I want to highlight 2 feasts that fall back to back to each other: Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. Both are significant in the Church Catholic because they commemorate two highly important events in the life of Jesus Christ and truths that affect our salvation. It is a bad idea to brush off these 2 hallowed and historic holy days. I am wondering here, are you pondering Good Friday Meaning?

First, let us discuss Maundy Thursday. It is a holiday that falls in the Thursday in Holy Week, which is also the Thursday prior to Easter Sunday. Also known as Holy Thursday, the Church celebrates the institution of the Eucharist on this day, as well as the establishment of the sacrament of ordination. It was on this night, almost two thousand years in the past, that Jesus celebrated the Last Supper with his followers. On this night, he identified the the Eucharistic elements with his holy body and blood, and said “do this in memory of me.” He also cleaned his disciples’ feet at that meal, a tradition the Catholic Church retains during its current Holy Thursday worship services. Jesus also instituted a new commandment, for us to love each other as he has loved us. This is the “mandate” from which Maundy Thursday is named. Holy Thursday also begins the period called the Triduum, which ends on Easter. As you are able to see, this is an notable day in the Church Catholic, because it commemorates the institution of the sacrament of Our lord’s body and blood, and the sacrament that preserves the apostolic authority of the students of The Lord!

Second, let’s remember Good Friday. It falls on the Friday before Easter, and commemorates the final happenings in the life of Our lord, his suffering, and death. It was on this Friday that Christ gave his life for the our sins. He hung upon the cross, surrounded by 2 regular criminals, bloodied, suffering, and left alone by his closest followers.The process by which he traveled to his place of death, and his final moments of suffering and death are recalled in the devotion of the stations of the cross, often used on Good Friday. This holiday is also a fast day in the Church. That means that Catholics are expected to eat only one complete meal, as well as refrain from consuming animal flesh and meat based items on this date. This is a fast day because we mirror the suffering of Jesus, and not eating is a way to do this. Basically, Good Friday is important because it is the day of the year that our Lord gave up his life for our sins. His bloody death for us conquered death and the grave, and showed us the way to endure suffering. This is the reason that many Catholics often use a crucifix as a devotional tool, because we are reminded not only of what Jesus went through, but his death was where the battle for our salvation happened. This is the reason that Christians the world over value the death of Jesus so greatly.

To wrap up, it is a good thing to celebrate Good Friday and Holy Thursday. Both commemorate important events in the salvation of humankind, and both days are essential to the worship life of the Church Catholic. So, this Holy Week, remember to celebrate these two important holy days.

The essayist recommends celebrating the 2 holidays referenced previously, . One way is to attend a worship service on these days.

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Choosing The Greatest Self-Help and Affirmations Books: A Practical Guide

As the brand new year comes and goes, individuals are out there searching for some fine self-help books. Selecting pertinent self-help books can be complicated. There are a lot of products on the market, providing solutions to a variety of problems. Obviously most all individuals throughout the world desire to get better in a lot of areas, and will seek out self-help books to address these concerns.

One way to transform yourself is by buying a affirmations books. An affirmation is a statement of intent about what you want to be reality. There are a some excellent affirmations books available, and I have digested a book or 2 about them. However, almost every affirmations book I have read gives advice that is essentially wrong, and I will explain why. Below I will describe how to choose the greatest self-help books possible. I am also going to address the subject of an affirmations book, since among all of subjects nowadays, affirmations seem to be pretty popular.

1. Select a Publication That Will Challenge You
Most all people go on the internet, or enter that book store, and immediately seek a book that already lines up with their way of thinking. In other words, they choose a book that seems to “fit” them. The mistake is that it is their current manner of thinking that has gotten them into their immediate situation. In other words, most all people look for books that basically discourage change. I suggest selecting a book that you know will challenge you, rather than finding one that simply reinforces your current beliefs.

2. Select an excellent Affirmations Book
Most all affirmations books supply horrible advice. They suggest writing an affirmation like you have already received it, kind of like “I love my new house”. The main problem is that your brain knows better, and has issues really accepting them at a subconscious level. So while you may be saying them such as this, your brain is not re-wiring. Luckily there are some excellent books out there that get it right, but most all do not. So pick your affirmations book sensibly!

Three. Check Out The Reviews For It
The web makes it simple for you to see what other folks think concerning a book or a book’s outlook. A few reviews will be positive and glowing, and others will be negative and possibly even disagreeable. I suggest going through both positive and negative reviews to discern if a book is up your alley. Bear in mind that a few individuals might review a book negatively, but their negative reason could be why you might like the book. A particular reviewer might say a book is too concise, but you may be seeking to read a shorter book at the present moment. Definitely have a look at what other individuals are reviewing!

Four. Make Sure You Complete The Book and Do What It Says
This might sound weird, but most people never finish the books they start. A pertinent example is when I read about the supplement Melatonin a few years ago, when it was trendy. I started using it, and it still works for me. Most people heard about it, read a few pages concerning it, and quit. They never followed through. You absolutely have to give the wisdom in the book enough time to truly work, and for goodness sake, read the actual book. Granted, some books might not be extremely good, and you may not want to finish those books, but do not abandon a book simply because you are lazy. Also, give a subject an opportunity. Many self help techniques require some time and effort. Do not think you can just read a book, try some thing one time, and voila, it works. Give every technique the time it deserves.

If you follow these tips you will find the right self help books and that appropriate affirmations book. Do not be like most all people: find a deep book and follow through with its tips. Transform your life!

The author suggests using the advice given here when looking up and purchasing the right books.

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Exploring the Interesting and Contentious Subject Matter Of Homosexual Fathers and Lesbian Moms

When I was growing up, I had a buddy named Jack. His dad Teddy, appeared a little more effeminate that the various dads. When I reached secondary school, people even made fun of Jack because of his father. We believed he was homosexual but knew better. After all, he was married and no one thought it was possible to possess a gay father.

however when Jack was in college, I found his parents had divorced. We all had our suspicions and sure enough, a few months later he had come out of the closet and was in a relationship with a guy. Jack suddenly possessed a homosexual dad and possessed no clue how to deal with it. His situation was even more burdensome since he lived in denial for numerous weeks. Now Jack has peace with his gay dad. He knows that his dad loves him and will never create issues. nonetheless there are moments he still thinks of the pain the divorce caused him and his mother.

Jack’s encounter isn’t atypical. Today in the usa there are countless families that possess a gay individual at the head. This can be homosexual dads or lesbian mothers. There are many ways that a home can possess a gay parent.

First homosexual parents come to pass because of divorce. In this case the mother or dad will have a natural kid but then later depart since they are really gay. In this manner the kid will possess a gay father or lesbian mom even though the kid was conceived through the regular way.

Second people can be gay parents by having a child the natural way but it happens outside of a traditional structure. perhaps one of the parents will go to a sperm bank or will let a woman carry his kid. This method is in demand because it makes sure that the kid will at least carry the genetics of one family member.

Third gay parents happen because of adoption. Gay dads or lesbian mothers may decide that with the big number of children without mothers and fathers the best thing to do is to adopt a kid. nonetheless not all states allow gay couples to adopt kids. Some countries also don’t allow their kids to be given to gay couples.

The issue of homosexual parents is controversial through the usa and various parts of the world. On one hand the conservatives argue that marriage is between one man and one girl and God made these rules. Thus a civilization cannot adapt the will of God and allow homosexual fathers or lesbian moms. These Christians conclude it is impossible and the kids might become harmed.

On the different side are the liberals who believe that it doesn’t matter what varieties of individuals have children. They are free to make their own choices. This coterie believes that the children will not endure issues and if they do they won’t become worse than the kids of straight parents.

yet whatever your opinion might be 1 thing is primary. Gay dads and lesbian mothers are becoming more ubiquitous instantly. I understand that individuals can no longer ignore the problem

The author writes frequently on various topics such as the role of the gay dads and the lesbian moms in the world today.

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Researching The Interesting And Exciting Theme About The Family Including The History And Facts

Finding the description of the family may seem reasonably easy but upon closer analysis, it’s not in reality accurate. I might claim family is my mother and dad and my brother. And, that would assuredly be my encounter. However I understand millions of different individuals would pick that description too. Nonetheless throughout history and in other parts of the world, and even the united states the attitude about family would be awfully distinct.

We can check out the Koran and William Shakespeare. What was the family like in the olden days? What about in the time of William Shakespeare or when we were apes? Even today, family differs considerably depending on where you live. Travel to Asia and the family will appear awfully different than if you traveled to England or South America instead. There is variety and likeness in the family unit wherever you might go.

The basic family unit is called the nuclear family. This is the biological mother father and children. Some people involve blended families in this definition, as long as they are stable. Each family starts with the nuclear family because it is the way nature creates more human beings.

While every culture contains nuclear families (and must have them), it is the main type in the United States and parts of Europe. It is promoted supported and sometimes even subsidized through government welfare and tax breaks.

Though the nuclear family is the anchor for different types of families, the most common family throughout history is the extended family. It made sense due to the poverty of most individuals. They had to merge their resources to survive. The olden peoples gathered multiple people under one roof, but they shared the wisdom of multiple generations too. The grandfather would lead the family, while the grandmother might mentor the young mother.

This type of family is found throughout most of the world today, particularly in third world countries like Chad and Nigeria where poverty is a big problem.

Blended families come to pass when two spouses marry and one or more of them rears kids. Today, due to the elevated rate of divorce and remarriage and the rise of single motherhood, blended families are much more commonplace. though it’s hard to dig up exact numbers, it is safe to remark a significant minority of families involve step-children and step-parents.

Today in the u.s. a family looks different than ever before. There are families with two homosexual individuals and single parent families (headed by a dad or a mom ), and other previously infrequent or unheard of situations. There is great discussion among experts over the merits of these new arrangements. Some thinkers possess no problem with non-traditional families, while others worry about the impact they might have on the kids. There is no long term info currently available to settle the debate which is why fundamentalists do not want to adapt the meaning of family.

I feel confident you found this article about the family valuable. Whatever your family composition what matters most is that your family is a source of love and stability not merely every so often but constantly.

The author is a beloved authority on the topic of family. He writes on the subject matter of the blended families also. You may enjoy his writings.

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The Spellbinding Journey of A Man To Find The Best Friend Quotes

Several years ago, I used to be a history teacher so I consider myself to be an expert on the past. One thing I’ve always liked examining is famous quotations about unique themes. While there are wise people in the world today, the combined wisdom of the past provides great material for living a virtuous and meaningful existence.

I lately reconnected with a good acquaintance from school. We spent almost all our time together when we used to be kids. We would play outdoors regularly from dawn to bedtime. We also participated in basketball and various activities together. I can’t speak a lie. We were actually best friends. Yet after high school ended we both moved in separate directions and lost contact.

Somehow we stopped talking and I didn’t see him in ten whole years. I suppose we became too occupied with our jobs and families. While we are able to blame external sources, the true issue rests with us. We simply didn’t give friendship the priority it required. So I thought I would dig up friend quotations through history to remind me how it is necessary to make time for them.

The first place I searched for friendship quotes was the olden world. It seems the Greeks and the Romans prized friendship greatly. I discovered an a few incredible quotes from Aristotle. My favorite piece of wisdom from Aristotle says: “the antidote for fifty enemies is 1 friend.” That impacted me since it shows how acquintances are much more effective than any one adversary.

I also enjoy a quotation by Cicero I found. He said “thus nature has no love for solitude, and always leans, as it were, on some support; and the sweetest support is found in the most deep friendships.” This quote reminds everyone that while friends are great, best friends are even more wonderful.

The transcendentalists of the nineteenth century in the U.S. wrote a lot about the subject matter of friendships. Ralph Waldo Emerson is a great resource of perceptive quotations for friends. Emerson said “A Friend might well be reckoned the masterpiece of Nature.” This is probably my favorite Emerson quote because it mentions how important encountering good friendships are able to be. it’s sad that most individuals today make friendship secondary to jobs, obligations, and everything else.

I mentioned previously that we are able to benefit from the combined advice in the past. However, there are some incredible friendship quotations from the contemporary era also. One of my favorite modern quotations comes from Oprah Winfrey who said about friends “lots of individuals want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.”

This is one of the best contemporary friendship quotations because it summarizes what separates bona fide acquintances from casual acquintances. I personally want friends who stay with me at all times, not just every so often.

I hope you enjoyed this essay. I was able to network with my good friend and I feel confident that you will find friendship with other people in your life too.

The writer of this essay absolutely comprehends friendship quotes and friend quotes. Check out his website for beneficial information about many topics.

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Lent: A Time of Great Otherworldly Benefit

Lent is a fantastic period of rigid fasting and spiritual advancement in the Catholic Church and various Christian churches. Many, however, still wonder what is Lent? Lent comes from the Germanic word that means springtime, reflecting the time when Lent happens in the calendar. It started in the early Church when leaders decided that a preparation time before baptism on Easter was fundamental. The forty days fit with the fasting patterns of Elijah, Moses, and in particular Jesus, who fasted forty days in the desert. In addition, the number forty also recalls the number of years the Israelites wandered in the desert.

The Lenten Season starts on Ash Wednesday and lasts for forty days. However, in the contemporary liturgical season, Lent in reality becomes forty-four days, but Sundays don’t really count as fast days. Lent ends throughout the Easter Vigil. Ideally, a fine Lent allows the person to be spiritually stronger and best able to commemorate Easter in the appropriate way.

Worship services throughout Lent are usually humble and sparse. Penance and lack of celebration are primary points. It starts with putting ashes on the forehead throughout Ash Wednesday. The Sunday services do not have certain celebratory prayers and music such as the Gloria. Also, the rules prohibit saying alleluia. Unique lenten prayers are sometimes said. The color of Lent is purple, symbolizing both royalty and penance.

A traditional practice during Lent is fasting. Fasting can come in several types. In the Catholic Church, adults ages 18-59 are allowed to eat 1 complete meal and two small meals on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, both fast days. Fridays of Lent are abstinence days, which means not eating meat, though fish is permitted.

Sometimes individuals will give something extra up for Lent, such as sweets, coffee, or alcohol. This is a popular custom, but is not mandated by any Christian church. Other people will actually try to do something positive instead, such as increasing volunteer efforts, going to church more frequently, or trying to be more kind to acquaintances and family. After all, Lent is a time for complete spiritual transformation, not just giving up something.

Another primary practice throughout Lent is prayer. The Church has several Lent prayers that it encourages individuals to pray, such as different confessions of sin. The Penitential Psalms are prevalent also. The rosary is prayed a lot during Lent and the person praying chooses the sorrowful mysteries. In most cases, the prayers are more somber, less joyful, and even more or less negative, focusing on the death and pain of Jesus.

The third traditional routine is almsgiving, which is giving to charity. This can entail giving money to the poor directly, volunteering time, or even working for social justice in some capacity. Sometimes churches will organize food drives or go to soup kitchens throughout Lent to make sure they fulfill the obligation to donate alms to the poor.

Although it’s not a traditional practice, several people find reading the Bible or the articles of the Saints to be valuable for spiritual advancement during the Lenten season. Reading the Gospels or the prophets would certainly fit with the theme of the time. From the essays of the Saints, the incredible sermons of Leo the Great or the devotional articles of St. Therese would be useful.

The essayist writes frequently on Lent themes and Lenten Prayers also.

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